Website Redesign

This is the process of the implemantation of the website 




Featured Project

Air Compressors Website Redesign

Introducing the implementation of the website of Air Compressors Engineer.

My Role: UX/UI Designer

Client: Air Compressor Ioannidis

Developer: Bluechip Avraam Kesidis

Featured Project


The implementation of this website aims to be informative enough so that the services of the company are clear to the potential users. The target group of this company is limited to mechanicals and engineers who are working for big industries such as factories and are producing materials, food, machines, etc.

Through this website, the client should be able to find out that this company will assure him with reparation, replacement of machines, and new products available for a specific function.­­

Low Fidelity Prototype

I'm Using Mockflow for the wireframing