Klinik für Dermatologie, Venerologie und Allergologie

The New Chat Way

The Problem

The problem is that with the new data privacy and protection standards, we are not allowed to share content such as personal documents or pictures of patients through applications such as WhatsApp, etc. Doctors are used to exchanging patient’s data through the use of their mobile as this is an easy way to do the work.

The Solution

A mobile application with data privacy protection which is limited for use only in the hospital and in between the members of the team of the Dermatology. The group consists of approximately 45 people. Through this mobile application, the doctors can communicate for the needs and the progress of their patients, they can exchange related pictures and documents, and the law can protect them.

Prototyping Process

Prototyping improves the quality of the specifications and requirements provided to customers. With prototyping, customers can anticipate higher costs, needed changes, and potential project hurdles, and most importantly, potential result disasters.

“They slow us down to speed us up. By taking the time to prototype our ideas, we avoid costly mistakes such as becoming too complex too early and sticking with a weak idea for too long.”

– Tim Brown

User Testing

Through usability tests I can see how users interact with my design and fix UX issues before writing a single line of code.

Research & Ideation

Ideation is the process of generating a broad set of ideas on a given topic, with no attempt to judge or evaluate them. … Ideation is only one step in the full UX design process; once ideas are generated, separate analysis has to follow to decide which ideas (or parts of ideas) to pursue.


A wireframe is commonly used to lay out content and functionality on a page which takes into account user needs and user journeys.

UX & UI Design

And now is the process of creating products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. This involves the design of the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product, including aspects of branding, design, usability, and function.